Roulette and Galera Gaming Hall

Roulette and Galera Gaming Hall


If you are interested in games of chance, roulette is the most popular classic game in the world. Its origin comes from the Middle Ages, specifically in France when the Monte Carlo casinos started with this fashion; which became so popular that it was implemented in several European countries until it reached North America and today all casinos have it available.


The essential thing to play roulette is to know well the aspect of the table; in it there are 37 squares with a numbering that goes from 0 to 36; where 18 squares are red and 18 squares are black; with a mat next to it where all the bets are made.

The croupier, who is in charge of managing the game, announces to the participants at the beginning of each game to make their move; this is the moment when everyone places their bets on the table until the croupier decides to close the cycle. Following this, the dealer throws the ball on the spinning wheel, which when it stops spinning will land on a square; therefore the objective of playing this is to be able to predict which square the ball will land on. After this step the winning number is announced, and the dealer proceeds to remove the losing bets and pay out all the winning bets.

It should be noted that the payout for each of the bets is directly related to the chances of hitting the least likely box, so the lower the odds, the higher the prize.

From Salón de Juego Galera we encourage you to come to our shops in Villajoyosa and Calpe and we will explain in detail how to play and win at roulette.