Sports bets

Sports bets

Sports betting is the oldest and most practiced game of chance in the world. Its entire history was born in the Greek civilization where people started betting on the disciplines they practiced; then the Romans took this custom, where people bet in the imposing circuses and gladiators were the object of bets; centuries later, in the mid 1780's, this culture began to spread all over the world, so much so that today there are millions of betting houses.


The world of sports betting is considered an art to be able to do it; there are several ways to make these bets and in this website we will explain which are the most practiced.

-SIMPLE BETS: these bets are made individually; you can make a single choice or several; they usually have a minimum limit and a maximum limit of money to bet, all this depends on the bookmaker or the limit set by the bettor.

-COMBINED BETS: they are usually a group of simple bets; the bookmaker is the one who sets how many bets can be placed, usually ranging from 2 to 12 bets. The advantage of this type of bet is that the odds are multiplied by all the games bet and the disadvantage is that any mistake makes you lose what you bet.

-OVER UNDER BETS: they are very common, especially in Football and Basketball. Here you do not bet on the winner but on the number of goals that will be scored in the match. In the event that the bettor equals the established limit, the money is returned.

-HANDICAP BETS: they are widely used in American Football and Rugby. Basically it is about winning the bet by approximations, which is a great advantage, especially for the most disadvantaged teams.

-LIVE BET: the player can change his bet during the course of the match up to a certain time. The advantage of this bet is indisputable because if there is no movement in the team you bet on, you can change it.

LONG-TERM BETS: as its name says, they are for the future and are usually used for sporting events that last several days. They are of total risk since once you place it you cannot withdraw or modify it, and therefore time is a factor that can modify any result.