The GALERA Group opens Christmas in Benidorm

The GALERA Group opens Christmas in Benidorm

One more year, and they are now almost 40, the Galera family once again put all the meat on the grill and inaugurated Christmas in the best way. Hundreds of guests, all related in one way or another to the trajectory of the business group, came and enjoyed the great party that, as has become a real tradition, was organised by the entire Galera group. Both the Matriarch of the family and the five siblings, Andrés, José, Pilar, Juan Ramón and Rafa, were present throughout the day so that none of the more than 400 guests left without the recognition, affection and personal greetings of each one of them.

Laura, another of the hosts, demonstrated her organisational skills. The event, which started after 12 noon on what will be the most memorable Friday of the year, lasted until after midnight. An event that took place in the Galera Sport Café on Jaime I Avenue, the flagship of the group's business beginnings together with the Angelillo bar.

Those present were delighted with all kinds of food and drinks, thus inaugurating the Christmas festivities in the family, in the group, among the neighbours and almost in the city of Benidorm, as the party was attended by friends, suppliers and some of the most loyal customers of Galera throughout the province, the municipal authorities of Benidorm, headed in the figure of its mayor, Toni Pérez, as well as a large group of councillors, both from the government team as well as the opposition.

Weeks of preparation paid off and everything went off without a hitch. In this way the Galera family put the finishing touch to another intense year full of work, projects and a lot of illusion, and took advantage of the event to congratulate the holidays to all their suppliers and friends, as well as giving the starting signal for an extremely promising 2020, as there are several business projects of a group that after 36 years in the fray, not only does not put on the brakes, but is giving free rein to the accelerator of creativity, promoting an ambitious marketing project that will bear fruit with better communication of the many actions that the group carries out throughout the year, as well as a personal conviction that its involvement with a society that has always been so grateful to the Galera family since its arrival in Benidorm from Granada must be even greater.